Hyperledger Explorer is a tool for visualizing blockchain operations of the Hyperledger Fabric platform. It is the first ever blockchain explorer for permissioned ledgers, allowing anyone to explore the distributed ledger projects being created by Hyperledger’s members from the inside, without compromising their privacy. The project was contributed by DTCC, Intel, and IBM. The ability to visualize data is of critical importance, in order to extract business value from it. Hyperledger Explorer provides this much needed functionality.

What are the key features of Hyperledger Explorer?

  • Web application with a rich user interface, developed using latest technologies, such as ReactJS, Google material ui, web-sockets, and others.

  • Blockchain module that can listen, and query a Hyperledger Fabric network.

  • Utility that can:

    • Get the latest status blocks, network, and chaincodes, view blocks, and transactions.
    • Blocks and transactions metrics by hours, and minutes.
    • Search, and filter blocks, transactions by date range and channels.
    • Dynamically discover new channels and switch data presentation by channels.
    • Get real time notification of new blocks.